Off-White and Magenta Silk Rewaa Saree

₹ 2,691.00 INR
Final Price  : ₹ 2,691.00 INR
  • The off-white and magenta silk saree boasts a sublime combination of colors, blending the grace of off-white with the vibrancy of magenta. This harmonious blend creates a visually pleasing palette that exudes elegance and femininity, making it a perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary occasions.

    - The saree features an amazing zig-zag magenta and mustard print on an off-white silk base, adding a touch of dynamism and artistry to its overall design. The zig-zag patterns, rendered in captivating magenta and mustard hues, create a mesmerizing visual appeal that is both striking and modern.

    - The intricate zari work, delicately crafted with golden threads, beautifully complements the contrasting colors of the saree. The border and pallu enhance the overall elegance and create a beautiful contrast against the off-white and magenta background, elevating the saree to a luxurious and stylish ensemble

    - Slight variation in color is possible due to digital photography

    - Being cited as the most trusted brand our customers too believe we deliver the same styles as promised on the website

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