Magenta and Brown Silk Rewaa Saree

₹ 2,691.00 INR
Final Price  : ₹ 2,691.00 INR
  • - The magenta and brown silk saree showcases a mesmerizing fusion of colors, combining the elegance of magenta with the earthy richness of brown. This unique combination creates a visually striking palette that is sure to catch everyone's attention

    - The saree features a meticulously crafted zari weaving contrast border, adding a touch of opulence and grandeur. The intricate zari work in gold or silver threads beautifully complements the vibrant colors of the saree, enhancing its overall appeal and making it perfect for special occasions and festivities

    - Adorning the magenta silk base are delicate and dainty white geometrical patterns. These intricate motifs, arranged in an artistic manner, add a touch of sophistication and grace to the saree. The juxtaposition of the bold colors and the subtle white patterns creates a harmonious balance, resulting in a saree that is both eye-catching and elegant

    - Slight variation in color is possible due to digital photography

    - Being cited as the most trusted brand our customers too believe we deliver the same styles as promised on the website

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