Weaving classic craftsmanship and contemporary silhouette for every modern woman.



  • Rewaa aims at inspiring women to live their lives with substance, sophistication and a smile. Through a combination of elegant and chic designs, colors and a unique celebratory approach to living, Rewaa celebrates confident women with a youthful ethnic spirit.
  • Rewaa is the celebration of love and strength - the purest of emotions that changes the world. A swift journey that knows no end just as a handcraft that knows no boundaries.
  • It is a swift motion. A swift stillness in the midst of movement and chaos. It is a love letter from the weavers of India to you who is the legacy of love, strength and beauty. Polished ease, thoughtful details and a modern, urbane use of color. Rewaa’s founding principles define a unique style synonymous with urbane. It approaches old-world charm with a modern vision, reimagining luxury for today with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely Rewaa which can be cherished beyond seasons and trends.
  • Rewaa is a swift song of an enchanted weaving symbolising infinite strength, unconditional love and boundless beauty. It is curated to bring forward the power and love in you.
  • Committed to delight their customers by designing clothes that last more than a season, Rewaa delivers Indian textiles, and designs in its very own sense of style.



Rewaa is committed to express the brand personality through brand values.

  • Innovative design :-

Creativity and innovation is a part of Rewaa DNA. The combination of creativity and innovation is the foundation which ensures the brand's success and legitimacy.

  • Contemporary functionality :-

Rewaa meticulously crafts designs which successfully pass the radar of contemporary clothing portraying a fine blend of femininity and utility.

  • Highest quality materials :-

Rewaa embodies whimsical craftsmanship in its most noble and accomplished form and pays meticulous attention to detail and perfection. Rewaa maintains the constant quest for excellence in quality and material and offers excellent construction that lasts longer and ages gracefully.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit :-

Rewaa looks for opportunities and takes initiatives that set the business in motion. Breaking new ground and competing for every single customer’s heart is their ultimate mission.

  • Incredible pricing :-

Equivalent to soft grace, confident subtlety and inherited class, Rewaa breaks new grounds of the fashion industry and wins every woman's heart with affordable pricing for each piece of craft.