Styling Gujarati Sarees for Modern events and occasions

Styling Gujarati Sarees for Modern events and occasions

Gujarat is known for its vibrant culture and its traditional apparel. For centuries, Gujarati sarees have been a part of the region’s fabric, with their intricate designs and bright colors becoming an integral part of the dress code. From modern day fashion to wedding wear, no wardrobe is complete without a beautiful Gujarati saree. With so many types of Gujaratis sarees available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose one that perfectly suits your style and personality. In this article, we will explore the different types of Gujarati sarees and how they can be styled for any occasion. So if you’re looking to add a touch of traditional glamor to your wardrobe, read on to get all information you need.


This is one of the most famous Sarees of Gujarat. Uniqueness of Panetar sarees lies in it’s simplicity and embroidery, which becomes the centre of attraction for females. The elegance of panetar silk sarees is just breathtaking. The authentic designs imprinted on the saree are something you sould definitely have in your wardrobe.



Patola sarees are one of the most iconic Gujarati sarees. Patolas are typically made of silk and are known for their intricate weave. They are usually brightly coloured and feature intricate designs. Patola sarees are often passed down from generation to generation, and are considered to be a symbol of status and wealth.


Bandhani sarees are one of the most popular types of Gujarati sarees. They are typically made from a light-weight fabric such as cotton or silk and feature intricate tie-dye designs. The name "bandhani" comes from the Hindi word for "tie," which refers to the method used to create the designs.


To make a bandhani saree, small sections of the fabric are tied tightly with thread before being dipped in dye. When the fabric is removed from the dye, it is allowed to dry in the sun. This creates patterns on the fabric that resemble tiny flowers or stars.

Bandhani sarees are available in a wide range of colors, but red and green are especially popular. The designs on bandhani sarees can be simple or very elaborate, depending on the preference of the wearer.


Gharchola sarees are one of the most popular types of sarees in Gujarat. They are known for their bright colors and intricate designs. Gharchola sarees are usually made of cotton or silk, and they often feature embroidery or mirror work. These sarees are typically worn by women on special occasions, such as weddings or festivals.


These sarees depicts the rich cultural heritage inspired by the Mughal Courts. Rich designs of brocade sarees are woven in bright and glossy silk on olden background. Traditional floral designs are imprinted on a golden zari background, which produces a royal look. These usually have a beautiful sheen to them.


There are many different ways to wear a Gujarati saree, but the most common way is to drape it around the body in a manner that covers the entire torso. The saree is usually draped over the left shoulder and then brought around the back, over the right shoulder. The loose end of the saree is then brought forward and tucked into the waistband at the front.


To wear a Gujarati saree correctly, it is important to make sure that the pallu, or end piece, falls over the left shoulder. The pallu should also be long enough to cover the chest completely. Once you have draped the saree correctly, you can adjust the pleats at the front so that they fall neatly. You can also use a safety pin to secure them in place if necessary.


We hope that this article has provided you with a better understanding of the different types of Gujarati sarees. From classic Patola to elegant Bandhani, each type has its own unique style and elegance. Whether you are attending a traditional occasion or just adding some variety to your wardrobe, there is definitely a perfect Gujarati saree for you. Do not forget to check out our selection of beautiful Gujarati sarees only at our fashion studio “REWAA” offline and online  so that you can find the one that fits perfectly with your style.

5 must have Sarees to make your collection Exquisite

5 must have Sarees to make your collection Exquisite

In the world of fast fashion, ever-changing trends, and fusions, some timeless classics beat all of it and stay through years and generations as a legacy. Classics are something you can never go wrong with. May it be a family recipe or your mother's pearl earrings, they are always the Savior. When it comes to Fashion, Sarees are one such classic.

Sarees strike a perfect balance of Indian culture and its rich history with modern world aesthetics. There is so much grace and elegance it carries along that they never miss on making a statement. There is nowhere you cannot slay with the right saree. If you are thinking about adding some glam to your wardrobe, here are some must-have sarees to make your collection exquisite. 


Woven from mulberry silk, the kanjeevaram saree is the most desirable Indian clothing. Traditionally it was woven in Kanchipuram of Tamilnadu by specially skilled labourers who are considered to be descendants of Sage Markanda, the Weaver of gods. The saree radiates luxury and royalty and for its finesse and texture, it is known as the queen of sarees. So, this is a must-have addition to your saree collection.No matter how to choose to drape it, you can carry it for any celebration and look just perfect! 


Kanjeevaram silk saree is usually not embroidered. so, you can style it with a contrasting embroidered blouse to enhance its looks. If you find it difficult to keep the drape in place, add a belt to it. A waist belt can be a perfect modern touch to this traditional royalty and will also keep things in place.


Patola saree


Patola saree is the finest variety of handloom silk saree from Patan of Gujarat. Patola is used as a plural, a single saree is called "patolu". The patola sarees are made from a complex dying and weaving technique that needs precision to point, as they feature very delicate patterns, one mistake can ruin the pattern. This saree is world famous for its flaming colours which are combined with folk motifs in a geometric pattern or three-dimensional images. The saree represents the rich cultural heritage in the form of flowers, birds, and animal motifs. Every Trousseau is incomplete without this one, this is your sign to add one to yours. 



Whether you decide to adorn a patola saree at a wedding or a pooja, pair it with some fine traditional jewellery like an elaborated necklace or mala with earrings. Go minimal with your hair and makeup and you can pull it off gracefully. 


Bandhani Saree

The vibrant, colourful, and lively colours of Bandhani and leheriya will add a playful vibe to your saree wardrobe. Can be made in cotton, silk, and chiffon, by using a specialised tie and dye technique using small grains and flamboyant colours. Enhanced with gotta Patti, zari, or mirror embellishments this Rajasthan-originated beauty adds a playful vibe to your saree collection. 


A yellow chiffon leheriya saree paired with a mirror-worked green blouse will keep you up on the trend chart at any morning celebrations like a wedding Haldi or a summer party and keep your look as regal as a rajgharana princess. 


Kanjeevaram saree

Organza silk sarees are quite a trend these days. Organza is thin, lightweight material and has a sheer shine, which comes in all kinds of prints and colours. It's a part of every fashionista this season because of its flowy and dainty classic look. This saree feels more on a contemporary side than the traditional and that is why it can be carried to a casual brunch or to a cocktail party in style. 


A floral printed organza saree is something you will look forward to coming back to for every occasion, get it in subtle pastel colour and style it with your favourite accessories. Open pallus look celestial in organza sarees but sometimes this saree can get tricky to wear, so just make sure to use a lot of safety pins to keep everything in place.



Made in Varanasi, Banarasi silk saree is one the finest sarees in India known for its lustrous high-quality silk fabric. It is weaved with motifs from silver or golden zari thread to give an embossed effect. Banarasi silk is an integral part of every woman's wardrobe and is often passed down to further generations. They are here for ages and are very unlikely to be out of vogue anytime soon. So, let the legacy continue and get it to pass down to your daughter one day. 


Style it with a boat neck blouse and a gold jewellery piece to complete the look and to keep it neat and graceful. Drape and accessorise it according to the occasion and buy a colour you will never get bored of. 

Rewaa showcases a wide range of sarees, step in and you will be spoilt for choices. Rewaa is enriched with a huge assemble of everything from trendy to traditional or from heavy to lightweight saree, each representing a unique culture. You cannot miss on checking out the collection for the love of sarees! 

Pick the one that fascinates you most or all of it at once, because sarees are here to stay and will represent class forever. Style them your way and flaunt your unique personality.  So, whether you are planning your wedding trousseau or just upgrading your wardrobe, a saree is an essential buy to make it exquisite. 

Top 5+ Sarees for Wedding Seasons

Top 5+ Sarees for Wedding Seasons

Indian weddings are multi-day gatherings with several functions and traditions. Grand and spectacular, these enormous giant shaadis are all about exquisite set-ups and delectable meals, with a large audience dressed to the nines. Of course, a flawless wedding celebration necessitates meticulous event planning in addition to selecting the greatest clothing!!!

Red Saree for Women

Womens Red Saree for Wedding

A red saree is the ideal go-to outfit for when you want to exude some sizzling appeal. Red is a powerful colour, and the addition of sequined glitter further adds to its allure, resulting in an eye-catching combination that's difficult to ignore.

A sheer or attractive red sequin saree coupled with a designer blouse is the "it" look for a glitz-and-glam cocktail party. To get a modern style, limit the add-ons to a minimum.

Edged for Engagement Sarees

Women Party Wear Saree

A subdued, basic all-red saree in a luster-free fabric like georgette, tastefully bordered with an appealing border, never passes the litmus test of timeless taste. It is a sure-fire method to show the world your refined side. This delicate yet sensual appeal is constantly in style – and possesses an ethereal charm that never fails to wow.

Sustainable Saree for Party or Get together

Green Patola Saree for Women

Here's a timeless look that will never go out of style! This type of red saree is not only a must-have for a trousseau, but it also makes an ideal gift option for festivals like Karwa Chauth or during weddings for the bride, sister-in-law, mother, or mother-in-law. The combination of gold and crimson is one that always stands out at all types of celebrations.

Because of its exceptional attractiveness and cultural significance, red and gold are a dress code for auspicious ceremonies, festivals, and special events. Other occasions when you may wear or present this magnificent red beauty include God Bharai – the Indian counterpart of a baby shower, housewarming/gruh Pravesh, Ganesh sthapana, and other forms of rituals and worships.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Silk Saree

A crimson Banarasi silk saree is a delightful gift for everyone who appreciates traditional weaving. Fine silk strands combined with excellent zari work provide traditional themes that are a valuable choice for a ceremony and a wedding present.

These classic sarees look great with gold or Kundan jewelry. Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, among others, have embraced the allure of such Banarasi silk sarees for numerous red-carpet events and award presentations.

Ethereal Party Wear Saree

Womens Party Wear Printed Saree

Are you looking to purchase an heirloom-worthy magnificent weave for your wedding, trousseau, or as a present for a loved one? Well, red is one of the safest colors to choose in these sorts of high-priced purchases since it is a color that never goes out of style.

Furthermore, with minor stylistic adjustments, it may be worn by people of all ages. Choose a red Kanchipuram Silk Saree with muted or antique gold weaving – or one in matt red – for a more adaptable and modern look. This rich and exquisite saree will also make an ideal Reception saree for a new bride.

The Grace of Patola Saree for Wedding

Womens Patola Saree for Wedding

If you're a fan of all-things-classic, you won't be able to resist the gorgeous Patola detail. The vibrant design, in both printed and woven forms, is a lovely addition to Indian festivals. A Red Patola Printed Saree has a totally traditional style and so looks great with gold/pearl jhumkas and an extra set of bangles.

Latest Sharara Suit Design 2022 for Girls

Latest Sharara Suit Design 2022 for Girls

The '2000s have called, and they want their lehengas back! The ethnic fashion world is shifting - Umrao Jaan's Sharara is making a big comeback, and we couldn't be happier!

It's about time those lengthy, heavy lehengas take a back seat! Why not? It's the period of the "Sassy Sharara." Shararas is a smart choice for weddings and wedding celebrations since they are comfortable, stylish, and chic. They are available in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. There is a Sharara design for everyone.

A sharara with a classic royal face can spruce up your desi style and transform you into a show stopper! Choosing the proper sharara style for you may be tough, but why stress when you have us?

Continue reading, relax, and raise your hands to sing "Sharara Sharara"!!!


Do You Know What is Women's Sharara?

Sharara is a flared pant with complex motifs and decorations on the legs. It gives the appearance of a lehenga and may be worn with a long or short kurta or even a crop jacket! It's the ideal combination of lehenga skirts and trousers.

Shararas are similar to gharara but quite distinct!!!

Can you Tell the Difference between Sharara and Gharara suits?

The only distinction between sharara and gharara is their drastically different silhouettes. While both resemble flared trousers, the gharara silhouette is fitting from the waist to the knee, with a band (traditionally, a gotaa) just above the knees, where the material is ruched or gathered to produce a breath-taking flare till the toes.

Women Green Sharara Suit

Nonetheless, both have supporters and are often worn by ladies throughout the wedding season. However, owing to a lack of awareness, the two have become synonymous!

Sharara Dresses - Latest Sharara suit you should really try!!!

"Women like a sensual sharara, and with so many sharara styles to choose from, the possibilities are limitless!!!" Are you seeking sharara designs for a Mehendi ceremony or a wedding reception???

Flared bottoms with supercut kurtas, beautifully embroidered jackets, studded short dresses, and more! You'll be spoiled for choice with the stunningly various, most recent sharara outfits.

Peplum Top with Flared Sharara Suit

Sharara dresses are typically paired with A-line long kurtas, however matching your sharara with an embroidered short frock will fully transform you into a lovely, feminine lady while also allowing your sharara to show through!

One of the most fashionable combos nowadays is a short dress with a sharara.

For maximum flair, choose a body-hugging embroidered short frock. By combining solid and soft colors, you may create a subtle contrast. Gold and pink are the greatest colors for a wedding sharara.

Patola Sarees: An Investment Drape from Gujarat

Patola Sarees: An Investment Drape from Gujarat

Parading elephants, Southampton, honeycomb, batik, ikat; this is what a patola saree reflects. The sarees are much focused on traditional designs and cultural vibes with fabulous color combinations and authentic borders. It’s the pride of Gujarat and even our stunning Bollywood divas stun in this supremely gorgeous saree. Patola silk sarees are native to Patan, Gujarat yet is also made in Saurashtra and Surat.

The Past of Patola for Women

Patola has always been a royal and classy saree. They were once worn only by the ones belonging to royal and aristocratic families. Patola weaving is a family tradition that was started by Salvis in the 12th century. Patola weaving is an ancient art which is known to be from the 4th century in Ajanta caves resembling the tie-dye technique of Patola.

Wedding Patola Saree of Women

When Salvis founded a rich trade in Gujarat, they started the trend of Patola sarees that became popular day by day. The gorgeous Banarasi patola silk sarees, Rajkot patola silk sarees, Patan patola silk sarees along traditional patola silk sarees started becoming popular along with the time. And today you can’t imagine how these patola sarees are ruling the ethnic world.

The craze of Patola Sarees in Bollywood      

Believe it or not, the luxurious Patola silk sarees are also one of the favorite choices of Bollywood divas. Whether it’s the fashion week or any Bollywood party patola sarees are also present in the list. The soft and smooth patola silk sarees are celebrities' choices. The renowned designers even specially design them for reel and real life.

Our stunning Malaika Arora and Kiron Kher are flaunting the patola silk sarees in such a stylish way that it’s difficult to take your eyes off them. The patola silk sarees Gujarat have a smooth and shimmery texture giving the wearer a breathable and comfortable feel. Majorly there are four distinct patterns of patola and they are even crafted with some modern ikat prints as well which makes an awesome saree. 

Womens Patola Saree for Women        

How to Wear Patola Saree

The traditional patola sarees look the best when they are draped in the basic Nivi style with an open pallu or pleated pallu. As the sarees are native to Gujarat, they are also worn in Gujarati drape which is the seedha pallu drape for a complete cultural and traditional vibe. Wearing the double ikat patola silk saree in the modern belt style pattern also looks amazing. You just need to pair the saree with the right blouse and some matching accessories to finalize the best look.

Exporting Patola

Everyday bulk of patola sarees is exported worldwide from Gujarat due to their high demand. Even there are different websites such as Rewaa Fashion offering you beautiful patola silk sarees online shopping so that you can buy the desired one in just a few clicks.

Green Patola Saree for Women

It takes a minimum of six months and sometimes up to a year to make a heavy, rich, and royal patola saree. Then these sarees are exported to different states and countries where women love to wear these authentic sarees with a matching blouse and some beautiful accessories.